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Headlight Restoration
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A few years ago, vehicle manufacturers began switching over from glass headlights to an easily moldable, high – impact plastic called polycarbonate. The polycarbonate lens is protected with a coating at the factory which by federal law only has to last two to three years. This means they will have your lenses in stock to sell you for hundreds of dollars and don't forget the installation. After several years, the factory coating will wear off due to exposure from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and other harsh contaminates such as acid rain, smog, desert like environments, and road debris. This exposure will then cause the factory lens coating to break down and become cloudy and faded, or in some cases, it will start peeling off from the top of the lens down, which greatly reduces the optical illumination necessary to see safely at night as well as having a negative impact on the vehicles appearance.

Save hundreds of dollars and restore your headlights!!!

Why? Because we can restore your lenses for a fraction of the cost of new headlights. We give our customers two options for restoring their headlights:


Starting at $59.95*

The GOLD PACKAGE will consist of:

Headlight Restoration

*Prices vary depending on the condition the headlights are in.


Starting at $129.95*

The PLATINUM PACKAGE will consist of:

Headlight Restoration

Paint Protection Film over the headlights for protection from UV rays and road debris. Backed with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

*Prices vary depending on the condition the headlights are in.

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