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Did you know it is legal to tint your whole front windshield?!

Of course! Applying Llumar AIR 80 BL will not hinder your vision, plus the best part about tinting your windshield are the great benefits it's able to provide you and your passengers.

Applying window tint on the sides and rear window of your vehicle will only be getting protected on those sides, but you, your passengers, and interior are still getting exposed through the front windshield. Harmful ultraviolet rays are still penetrating through, which can damage your skin or worse cause skin cancer, also, they can damage your dashboard or leather seating. Since windshields are big pieces of glass, the sun's heat is still radiating through resulting in more heat buildup in your vehicle, plus not feeling comfortable while driving. By tinting your front windshield with Llumar AIR 80, you will be able to protect yourself and your vehicle all the way around, 360 degrees, thus helping you achieve maximum comfort level.

Solar Properties Llumar AIR 80
Visible Light Transmittance 78%
Total Solar Energy Rejected 43%
Visible Light Reflected 9%
Ultraviolet Protection >99%

Llumar AIR 80 is not just for windshields! It can be installed on your full vehicle or sunroof. If you want an "untinted" look with maximum heat and UV protection, this is the tint for you. It is also backed up with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty!

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